LIVE Security Platform

Platform Concept
LIVE system is developed based on the concept of SaaS. Good compatibility allows users to select the system function modules flexibly according to the needs of project, to make deployment and maintenance more flexible and convenient.


LIVE system can compile the emergency plan. Using video surveillance as the processing core, alarm events as linkage clue, in combination with access control, visitor management and GIS maps, users can customize s set of truly intelligent security system according to the actual demands. 



Multi-server architecture provides a distributed solution: multi-branch topological structure can avoid the network bottlenecks or single point of failure, enhancing the overall efficiency
Support system redundancy configuration and prevent the generation of LIVE server failure
Users can configure them within the overall system
Continuously automatic data replication between the subsystem and parent system

LIVE platform can perform centralized management of video, audio and various data, and integrate the access control, fire, certification and scheduling systems, to achieve the connection between network video surveillance system and other systems and the relevance application of various kinds of data, so that all subsystems can form a complete and integrated intelligent security system.
Features of Platform
3D interface, single machine multiple screen control

User can manage multiple monitors simultaneously through one client computer. Each monitor can independently display the real-time video monitoring interface, large screen control interface, electronic map interface, and alarm monitoring interface, etc..

Features Demonstration - Customized  Monitoring Interface, Grid Interface Management

Support 16-way HD display, with flexible layout, regular polling and quick switching
Support the customized interface layout, support one-machine multiple-screen applications, and each screen supports multi-window browsing

Features Demonstration - Electronic Map Application

Accurately position each lens and view the lens-related information using multi-level electronic map linkage functions. The electronic map is connected with the alarm device. Once alarm occurs, immediately know the conditions in the site and the geographical location information.
The zoom-in, zoom-out and movement of digits on the electronic map can be achieved; the camera information will be automatically prompted. Users double-click the lens and video window will pop up and drag freely.
The integrated digital matrix and customized monitoring interface can be directly applied to the TV wall, to reduce duplication
3D rotation navigation supports the touch-screen control. The main interface includes video surveillance, maps, report forms, etc., to support customization and extension

Features Demonstration - Handheld Mobile Terminal Applications and Video Calls

Support mobile terminal access (iOS / Android), and support such functions as real-time monitoring, video playback, video backhaul, voice calls, alarm pushing, trajectory tracking, etc..
Independent video intercom module enables administrator to call and monitor a large number of mobile clients simultaneously, supports the batch operations by users. Users can realize the setting of hundreds of front-end equipments through simple operation.

GIS map
Device Status Monitoring

With Crystal Reports plug-in interface, intuitively reflect the operation performance of the system (storage capacity, server resources, network resources, etc.)
Customize the information statistics interface according to user’s demands.
Perform automatic inspection on the front-end equipments; once any problem is found, immediately send the corresponding alarm message.


Internal mobile terminal communication
vehicle license plate recognition system integration

HD card mount system is added in the airport, which can record the vehicle traffic events and identify the vehicle plate number
When tracking, you can query according to different conditions (passage time, license plate number, vehicle color, license plate color)
Set the warning of access times, and send the alarm message for the vehicles of frequent access, and timely lock on to the suspicious targets.